Marketing Strategy

“Better Marketing helped us organize our thoughts around our digital marketing strategy. They have a firm grip on the path and the best options available for a startup. We value their insights and look forward to more stimulating brain-storming sessions in the future.”

Mitesh Ajmera, CEO, FeeCounter

Ongoing Marketing Management

“Unmana Datta offers reliable, common-sense solutions to achieve marketing objectives. She is knowledgeable, efficient and effective, as well as delightful to work with. And, because she is always open to different approaches, she balances innovation with practicality. In an environment where there are new tools and tactics emerging constantly, she can take over projects like SEO or e-marketing campaigns or empower you to market your company more effectively.”

Kelly Glass, Vice President of Marketing, Affinity Express

Marketing Review

“I hired Unmana to give me a thorough page-by-page review of my website. I asked her to highlight what she noticed, what she liked, and what changes she recommended. Within 2 days I had a very complete 3-page report in my hands with points I had never considered. Things that should have been obvious to me, were not, because I was clouded by bias.

“Unmana, with a critical eye for detail and keen marketing perspective brought all sorts of ideas and things I had not considered before. After reading her notes, I saw instantly what she was referring to and now have a lot of new ideas for how to improve my website. She was the right person for the job and it was money well spent. She is a professional in the marketing industry, has a great eye, and I am glad to recommend her for any marketing work.”

Jim Lewis, President, Lewis Landscape Services

“Better Marketing’s Website Review showed me what a gold mine my website could turn out to be if I used it the right way. After all, I obviously want customers to stay. Unmana’s elaborate explanations about the minutest things such as the font size etc. were an eye opener. Her short and precise pointers on SEO tags, keywords helped me understand nitty-gritties of content marketing.

“Thanks, Unmana. You have one faithful follower for all the tips and suggestions you are going to offer on the Better Marketing blog.”

Gunjan Parulkar, Owner, Koyri

“There is no one I’ve trusted more than Unmana to review content and campaigns for my website, social media and email programs. She starts by researching market segments and delving into a business to understand objectives and challenges. Then she applies her skills to ensure a consistent voice to these programs—one that will appeal to the target audience. By putting herself in the customers’ shoes, she can share suggestions that make sense. In addition to helping you to do things better, she and can suggest ways to do things differently to improve effectiveness, streamline or save money. Despite her level of expertise, Unmana shares her ideas in a way that is easy for anyone to grasp and her enthusiasm is infectious.”

Kelly Glass, Vice President of Marketing, Affinity Express