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Are you a small-business owner or marketer? Markitty will look at what you’re doing and remind you to keep on track. It will show you your most important stats from your site, Facebook page, and Twitter account, so you know what’s happening.

Not just that, Markitty gives you suggestions based on what you’re already doing.

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Three Steps to Improving Your Marketing

1. Set up in less than five minutes.

Just sign up, connect your Facebook page, Twitter account, and Google Analytics account, and you’ve got all you need.

2. Get your online marketing stats in one place.

Markitty gets your most important stats from Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter, so you don’t have to keep moving between sites to know where you stand.

3. Know what to improve.

Markitty tells you what you’re doing right and what you should change. No more guessing!

Markitty will help you by giving you your important stats in one place and offering useful tips and suggestions.Try it out for free!

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