About Us

Markitty used to be a startup run by Unmana, Nilesh, and Virendra. We shut down in late 2013.  You can learn about our journey here and here, and Unmana has written about the failure and has even been extensively quoted in a book on successful women.

Nilesh and Unmana, who are married to each other, now live in Mumbai and vow never to work together professionally again. Nilesh works in an IT startup doing project management and building solutions, while Unmana works in content marketing for one of the biggest IT companies in the world. You can read more of Unmana’s writing on Women’s Web as well as on her personal blog. Nilesh and Unmana also co-host an intermittently updated food blog.

Virendra, meanwhile, is off living the startup dream in the UK.

Look us up if you’re in Mumbai — if you’re not on Twitter, give us a shout on support at markitty.com.