9 WordPress Plug-ins We Love

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1. Scroll Triggered Box

A call-to-action at the right time can make all the difference. Pop-ups are a great way to  catch user’s attention but an intrusive pop-up can put off your users. Scroll Triggered Box is an ideal solution for this problem.

Wordpress Plugin -- Scroll Triggered Box

Notice the yellow box at the bottom-right of this image? You can customize the look-and-feel, content and also when and where it should appear — ideal for encouraging users to sign-up for your newsletter or an app or like you on social networks.

2. Display Widgets

Wordpress Plugin - Display Widgets

If you use WordPress as a website and not just as a blog, you must have wished for the ability to have different sidebars on different pages. Display Widgets lets you do this without any technical expertise.

3. mb mini Audio Player

As the name suggests, this is a mini audio player that you can use if you want to embed audio files in your blog posts or pages.

Wordpress Plugin - mb Mini Audio Player

4. Online Backup for WordPress

If you aren’t taking regular backups of your site then you should install this plug-in and start doing it.

Wordpress Plugin - Online Backup for WordPress

5. Storify

Some really interesting or inspiring conversations happen without you having planned it – especially on social media. Some of these conversations could make a good topic for blog posts, and Storify is just the tool for such occasions.

Wordpress Plugin -- Storyfy

While creating a story on Storify, it’s very difficult to search for older tweets and Facebook posts, so try to create your story as soon as you can.

6. Max Buttons

Creating buttons like “Download the e-Book” or “Sign-up for beta” is easy and quick with Max Buttons. The paid version lets you create more advanced designs but the free version should be good enough if you just want rectangular buttons with text.

Wordpress Plugin - Max Buttons

 7. Table of Contents Plus

If you have FAQs or Help content on your site, you must check out ToC Plus for creating a dynamic table of contents.

Wordpress Plugin -- Table of Contents Plus

8. Custom CSS

Custom CSS plug in allows you to have a custom CSS for for specific pages on your site. Ignore this one if you have never used CSS or don’t want to take the risk of accessing your web server directly. For those who like to make small changes and have used CSS, this is a useful little tool.

9. WP Google Fonts

You would be surprised how much difference fonts can make to the look for your site. If you have been using an older theme and don’t want to move to something latest (who knows what might break, right?), using some modern web fonts can make your site look fresh.

Wordpress Plugin -- Google Fonts

Google Web Fonts has a huge library of free fonts, so it might take some time for you to figure out what’s right for you. Configuration is very easy and you can always revert to your original setting by deactivating the plugin so feel free to give it a try.

What plugins do you use for your website? Or are there things you would like to do and wish there was a plug in for that?

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