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Koyri: handmade jewelry by an artist in IndiaSo what exactly do we offer in a Website Review?

My friend Gunjan of Koyri, a small handmade jewelry business, agreed to let me share a brief review of the Koyri website here. This isn’t an exhaustive review (I haven’t reviewed competitors or keywords here, for example) but I hope it gives you an idea of what I look for in small-business sites and the easy improvements I can point you to.

Overall Site Design

The site design is very attractive, minimalistic, with spare use of red to add interest. There is too much white space. Also,“Copyright” shouldn’t be pluralized.

Home Page

Your home page is prime real estate. The first view of your site is where you draw the visitor in and convince them to read more and eventually, contact you.

Home page of Koyri, a handmade jewelry site

There’s a lot of white space on the home page, and very little text. Include a couple of lines of text describing your business and products, and stating what’s different about Koyri.

If there’s still white space, maybe move the images up a little so visitors don’t have to scroll down at all.

I like the band of images at the bottom: however, some of the images look stretched. Including different kinds of products and backgrounds in the first strip of images may help appeal to a wider range of tastes.


Catalog page of Koyri, a handmade jewelry site

The pictures in the catalog pages are small. The visitor can click on the image to go to an enlarged version, but then has to go back and click on the next one to view it. I’d suggest either:

  1. Have bigger images in the main catalog pages, or
  2. Make it possible for visitors to navigate through the larger images without going back to the main catalog page.

I’d also suggest putting in at least one picture in each category, even though you’re not selling those products right now! A blank page looks odd.

For each product, maybe mention the size or add an item (say a coin, a match or a playing card) in the picture that will help viewers know the approximate size.


Again, there’s a lot of white space here. There are unnecessary line breaks in the text.

Shop page of Koyri, a handmade jewelry site

Don’t use “http://” in visible text: that should just be in the hyperlink. The text is numbered, but isn’t indented like numbered text usually is. Use html tags to do this.


The copy is good: interesting, informative and informal. However, try focusing on the customer a little more. Maybe add a few testimonials or photos or happy customers.

The About page of Koyri, a handmande jewelry site


Just one suggestion to the copy: add periods.

Contact page of Koyri, a handmade jewelry site

When you have more leads/customers, consider having a contact form rather than sharing an email address.


The blog is great: it’s the perfect approach to focus on the products and take customers behind the scenes of your business.

Blog of Koyri, a homemade jewelry business

That said, the image at the top of the blog should take up the width of the screen, but should be a little shorter lengthwise, so that the visitor can quickly skim through the first few lines of text. A name and description of the blog should also appear in the header.

Maybe you can add more keywords and links to your catalog in blog posts, and/or remind visitors how they can place orders, either in the blog sidebar or at the end of each post.

SEO Tags

By using the right keywords, you can get better search results and be found more easily by customers looking for your products. Keywords are search terms you want to be found by: for Koyri, terms like jewelry, handmade jewelry, earrings, necklaces, accessories might be keywords. You can use the AdWords Keywords Tool to find more keywords.

  • Title Tags: The title tag is what appears at the top of your browser bar. I would remove the business name from title tags since it’s already in your URL and you’re already ranking very well on it. A better title tag might be something like: “Handmade jewelry at affordable prices.”
  • Description Tags: Description tags show up on search engine results in the form of snippets, so you want them to be complete sentences that will tempt the visitor to click on your page link. Search engines do not take them into account for ranking in the results.
    • Your description tag is “Koyri is a startup venture promoted by a young, talented & budding entreprenuer who is exploring her creative capabilities with beads & jewelry making.” Apart from the obvious spelling error, this takes too long getting to the point. Start with a brief description of the business and have a value proposition in here.
    • You don’t have page descriptions on pages other than the home page: these should be added immediately.
  • Images: Images should have names/URLs and alt text that are descriptive of the products. This is important not just for SEO but also useful for visitors who can’t view the images (and will therefore only see the alt text that describes the image).

Grades and Ratings

I ran the website on and checked your PageRank. While these reports aren’t perfectly accurate, they can give you a good idea of improvements you can make. Some highlights:

  • You have a marketing grade of 62 out of a possible 100. Not bad!
  • Your home page PageRank is 0 (out of 10) and the MOZ rank is 3. These are indications of your website’s link authority or popularity.
  • You don’t have many links to your website. This is a big factor behind good search results, so get more links by sharing on social media, asking other blogs/websites to link to you, commenting on blogs with the website link, submitting to relevant directories, etc.
  • Search engines may think and are two different sites. You should set up a permanent redirect (technically called a “301 redirect”) between these sites. Once you do that, you will get full search engine credit for your work on these sites.
  • You should tweet your blog post links.

I hope this helps Gunjan and anyone else who’s reading. If you want a review of your website, let us know.

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