Using Markitty: Website Performance Table Compares Monthly Visits, Unique Visits, Page Views, Visit Duration, and Bounce Rate

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Your Website Performance table on Markitty is a quick snapshot of your website over the current month and the previous three months. It gives you a quick look at how your website data is trending, answering questions such as:

  • Are visits increasing but unique visitors decreasing? (Do you need to reach out to more new visitors? Are your visitors becoming more loyal?)
  • Are visits decreasing but page views going up? (Are your visitors more engaged with your website?)
  • Is average visit duration increasing over time? (It should!)
  • Is your bounce rate going down?

Markitty's Website Performance table with columns Month, Visits, Unique Visits, Page Views, Visit Duration, Bounce Rate

Unique visits should be low if you have a blog (tons of regular readers, right?) or an e-commerce business with regular customers and low-value products. If you’ve been promoting to new audiences recently, you should expect this to go up.

This table should help you figure out whether your recent marketing activities — say, sharing on social media, blogging more frequently, optimizing keywords on your site — are working.

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If you don’t have Markitty, use Google Analytics find out how your website is working.

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