Markitty Software Update: More Graphs, More Tables, More Recommendations

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Markitty: Software UpdateWe just released an update to Markitty with several significant (and a few not-such-a-big-deal changes). We’ve focused on adding more stats and recommendations that you can use to make marketing decisions. We have tried to format tables consistently throughout the site, and made some UI changes that we’re pretty excited about.

We’ve also added a Help page that should answer some of your questions and explain the data we show you. When you’re signed in to Markitty, the “Help” link is on the top right of the menu bar.

On to the details.

Improved, Expanded Recommendations

We’ve played with the Home page a bit, both the design and the recommendations we have for you. We’ve got bigger text you can’t miss (well, unless you’re really good at that sort of thing) and a wider range of suggestions.

Top Posts and Top Tweets Tables

We display Top Pages for the Month and other similar tables with data from Google Analytics. Now we’ve added Top Tweets and Top Posts tables for Twitter and Facebook.

Now you know at a glance what content is working and what isn’t.

Twitter Graphs and Favorite Count

We’ve added two graphs for Twitter that give you a quick view of how your Twitter profile is doing, showing you tweets, retweets, mentions, and your follower and following counts for the last few days. I personally love this one — it’s a great little snapshot of what’s happening on my Twitter account.

Icons to Indicate Type of Content

Next to each tweet and post text, there’s now an icon that indicates what kind of post it is: text, link, photo, video, reply, RT. A small change, but it helps you quickly know whether you’re mixing up your content enough (you shouldn’t have too many of one kind — unless it’s replies on Twitter, maybe).

A Message Box

We have put in a message box at the top of every page where we can put in announcements.

But none of this is of any use to you unless you’re signed up! Try it now!


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