Using Markitty: Top Tweets Table

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As a social media marketer, you need to know: what content is working for you? Do you know what your top tweets for this month are? Which tweets got you the most retweets and favorites?

Markitty gives you this at one quick glance.

Table: Top Tweets for the Month

The “Top Tweets for [the Month]” table gives you all your tweets this month that got any retweets or favorites, ordered by the highest number of retweets. You can also look at last month’s top tweets by clicking on the blue button on the top right.

Click on the “View more” link to open a popup table that shows more tweets. Below all your tweets that got retweets, you can also see tweets that got “favorited” (but not retweeted).

Top Tweets table also shows favorites

So which of your tweets are your audience sharing? Which tweets are they saving to look at later? Are enough of your tweets being shared? Get Markitty to find out.

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