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Monday Marketing Mash-up: Social Media Profile Cover Photos

Managing your brand’s presence on so many different social channels can be a pain, and one of the annoying aspects of it is getting the right cover photos for each one. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ — all have different guidelines for what the cover photo size should be.

Here is a list of official and unofficial references that will give you cover and profile picture specification for all social networks:

1. Facebook

The cover photo of your Facebook page is very important: not only is it featured on your page, it is also prominently displayed in the user’s newsfeed when your page is recommended (paid or otherwise) by Facebook. Facebook’s official guidelines give very little detail but this page covers all you need to know.

Faceboook Cover Photo Guidelines

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Marketing for a Publisher: Interview with Maegan Chadwick-Dobson of Tara Books

Maegan manages marketing and social media at Tara BooksWe haven’t done an interview in a while, and I’m especially pleased with this one because it focuses on an interesting industry: book publishing.

Maegan Chadwick-Dobson manages social media for Tara Books, an independent publisher based in India. Tara Books has an awesome Facebook page with lots of lovely photos of their books, events, and “the Book Building.” The Twitter account shares interesting info as well, and Maegan is behind it all! We asked her about social media, marketing to an international audience, and more.

My questions and comments are in bold.

You share a lot of interesting updates on Facebook. Do you keep a publishing calendar or just decide at the moment what you’re going to post today?

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Monday Marketing Mash-Up: Social Media News You Should Know

Social media changes: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
They’re all beginning to look the same

Looks like all social media sites are making tons of changes. Here are some recent changes that affect small businesses.

Facebook has removed a number of features, including sponsored stories — which is great, because we’re all tired of those sponsored “your friend likes this page” updates. But I’m sad that they’re killing questions (though why not call them polls, Facebook)?

Here’s the announcement by Facebook and a nice explanatory post on HubSpot. What does this mean for businesses? Now you can’t waste money promoting what someone did on/to your page or content.

The other big Facebook change is the introduction of hashtags: this could really change the game for Facebook, by making search and discovery much easier. Marketers, start optimizing your Facebook posts!

Twitter’s adding analytics. This is really cool, but no idea when this will be rolled out to all users. For businesses, this is will help to see what tweets are working and whether you’re just wasting your time (even if you’re not using Markitty).

Twitter has started 2-step log-in verification, and so has LinkedIn.

Speaking of LinkedIn, you can now share media files in your updates, so start sharing those photos and presentations. LinkedIn also previously added the ability to add visual content to your profile (or page). 

With these updates and having added the ability to tag people, LinkedIn’s begun to look eerily like Facebook and Google Plus. And Facebook’s trying to be more like Twitter, earlier with timelines and now hashtags. Which begs the question: if they’re all the same, should we bother trying to be present on all of them or just focus on one? Or maybe automated cross-posting is the answer (please, no).

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Using Markitty: View Your Top Facebook Posts for the Month

What are your top posts on Facebook this month?

With this table, we give you your top posts for the current month ordered by highest number of impressions (reach, in Facebook terms). So at a glance, you can see which of your posts this month were seen by the most people. You can click on the blue Previous Month button on the top right and see the same data for the last month as well.

Top Facebook posts table on Markitty

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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants and Content: Interview with Sahil Khan of the Tossed Salad

We recently met up with Sahil Khan, whose online lifestyle magazine, the Tossed Salad, has a dedicated following. Sahil is also very active on Twitter, and he has been successful in helping restaurants use social media effectively. But hold on — you can listen to the details in his own words in the video below.

And if you’d rather read than watch, the transcript is below. My questions and comments are in bold.

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Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Website and Social Media

Do people really think content marketers don’t care about sales? This and other myths here.

Outspoken Media has an easy, excellent guide to link-building in 15 minutes a day.

And here are a few quick ways to improve your website’s usability.

If you aren’t using photos on Facebook yet, here’s more evidence to convince you: photos get 53% more likes.

Here’s another blog post laying out why LinkedIn’s Endorsement feature is awful.

Have a great weekend, and make your marketing better next week!

Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Diwali is next week. Did you send out special offers or greetings to your customers and prospects?

While everyone is talking about social media, email marketing remains an excellent way of nurturing your prospects and customers. In this post, I look at some common mistakes marketers make in email campaigns, through a few Diwali-themed marketing emails I received.

Wasting the Subject Line

Here is a screenshot of some Diwali offers in my inbox.

Diwali Emails as Seen in Gmail

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Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Serve up a complete experience to your customers

Do you know how many of your visitors are using phones and tablets to view your website or app? Is your website or application optimized for mobile?

This article has web design best practices that you should be aware of: it focuses on the iPad Mini, but most of this is relevant for any mobile device.

And Rand Fishkin explains why every company should have a marketing-focused web development team.

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Marketing a Style Blog: Interview with Sally McGraw of Already Pretty

I’m thrilled to present our first podcast, an interview with style blogger Sally McGraw. Click on the player to listen to the interview or read the transcript below! (My questions and comments are in bold.)

Sally McGraw, savvy businessperson

Hey, everyone! This is Unmana from Better Marketing. Today we’re talking to Sally McGraw of the style and body image blog AlreadyPretty.com.

I’ve been reading Sally’s blog for several years, uh, since way back when she was just another blogger with a day job, and now she manages her own thriving business. She’s here to tell you how she did it, and how you can, too.



So, um, tell us a little about your journey — about the blog and about the business?

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6 Facebook Marketing Lessons from A Jewelry Retailer

How do you get over 2,000 people talking about you on Facebook when you have less than 5,000 likes? Any brand with that kind of buzz is doing an amazing job of engaging with its fans… or is it?

We took a look at the Facebook Page of P N Gadgil & Sons. Right now, it has 4,955 likes, which is great for a local jewelry brand. What’s astounding, though, is the number of people talking about it: 2,160. That’s 44 percent. 

For those of you not in Pune, India, P N Gadgil is a jewelry brand with several stores in the city. (There’s also a P.N. Gadgil who style themselves PNG Jewelers and also have an active Facebook page.)

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The Importance of Visuals, Examples, and Conversations in Marketing

Alice in Wonderland: "pictures or conversations"In the very first paragraph of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Caroll writes:

“What is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversation?”

When I first read that as a kid, I nodded in agreement. But it’s not just when writing stories for children that you need to think about pictures and conversations. Alice in Wonderland isn’t exactly a marketing textbook, but this is great advice for marketers!

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Marketing Reading: Memorable and Bad Content

Did you know you can now display cover photos on Twitter? HubSpot has a handy guide on how to use this feature. I’m going to update ours next week, and you should too!

Have you tested your email unsubscribe process lately? Do this next week!

Stop trying to create great content: create memorable content instead.

I love the comments on my post on Search Engine People about bad content ruining it for the rest of us. Especially: Continue reading Marketing Reading: Memorable and Bad Content

Email with lots of images

Using Images in Email Marketing

One of the “rules” (read: “accepted practices”) of email marketing is to not use a lot of images in your emails. There are several smart reasons for this:

  • Unless the recipient has emails enabled by default, she only sees blank blocks where the images are until she clicks on “Display images.”
  • Since the recipient has to download images but can see text by default, focus on the text. The top first few lines of your email that get seen in the reading pane or without the recipient scrolling down are extremely important, and unless you have really  involved subscribers you need to use text to engage their attention and get them to keep reading (or download the images).
  • Images take time to load, especially if your recipient has a slow internet connection.
  • Spam filters don’t like lots of images, especially an entire email that is just an image or a block of images.

All of which are good reasons to not use too many images in your emails. Look at this email I recently got after signing up for a free e-book.

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