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Facebook Finally Explains Why All Your Fans Don’t See All Your Posts

Facebook has been recently making efforts to serve its business users, by dramatically improving Page Insights and adding other new features. Now it has started a Facebook for Business site with more resources for page owners and advertisers.

From the announcement:

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to amplify existing efforts, Facebook for Business can help you understand your options and choose the appropriate strategies. In the Getting Started section, you’ll find tips for meeting specific business goals, like increasing online sales or launching a new product. The Solutions section organizes our advertising tools and strategies by both product and industry.

This seems to be more geared towards advertisers rather than people looking for organic growth, but if you are spending on advertising, the extra resources to help you make more effective use of your money don’t hurt!

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Are Facebook Pages Worthless or Are You Doing Social Wrong?

Often, we tell business-owners that just because someone liked your Facebook page doesn’t mean your posts show up in their news feed. Usually, they are shocked to know this. This blogger on Forbes found out the hard way:

Once we started posting on our Facebook page, we were shocked, shocked, to see that not all the users that liked our page were seeing our posts. For example, with over 6,000 likes on our page, a typical post would only be seen by fifty to several hundred people. To reiterate, only 1% to 5% of the people that liked our page saw our posts.

But does this mean Facebook pages are a bad investment for small businesses, as the title of that post says? No.  Continue reading Are Facebook Pages Worthless or Are You Doing Social Wrong?

Google AdWords Keyword Planner Just Launched

Yesterday Google officially launched its new tool, AdWords Keyword Planner, to help create better AdWords campaigns. Keyword Planner will replace our favorite Google Keyword Tool and AdWords Traffic Estimator.

You should learn to use this tool even if you never used Keyword Tool or Traffic Estimator and do not plan to use Google ads. Understanding search terms is important because that tells you what words your potential customers use to describe yours and similar businesses so that you can tweak your marketing and sales content accordingly.

Adwords Keyword Planner

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Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Assorted How-to Advice

Assorted colorful donutsThis week’s round-up includes detailed tips on various things: contact forms, search ads, customer advocates, and productivity.

The best way to market is to encourage your customers to do it for you. Also check out my similar, old post with tips on how to do this.

Neil Patel puts together research about contact forms into a super helpful infographic. The most interesting things to me, are:

  1. Fewer fields get you more conversions.
  2. Dropdowns reduce conversions.
  3. Don’t ask for phone numbers!
  4. Use relevant text in the button.

What does Google AdWords’ Enhanced Campaigns mean for you?

I liked Joel Gascoigne’s post about how working with a partner makes you more productive. I’ve found that I’m much more productive when Nilesh is in the same room, partly because I am ashamed to be goofing off when someone is around, and partly because I can get quick answers to questions or get responses when I think aloud and it makes me move forward immediately instead of tabling the issue and starting on something else. Do you prefer working with a partner or colleague to working alone?

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Marketing Reading, But Not Just for the Weekend

I couldn’t find any recent blog posts or articles I loved and wanted to share with you, so I thought I’d share my favorite marketing and business books.

Marketing books
I could only photograph three of the books, since the fourth’s lent out to our hacker

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Spotlight: Congress’s Online Marketing Campaign for Gujarat Elections 2012

Gujarat (which is where I grew up, by the way) will have its assembly elections next month. I am no longer a registered voter there, but out of curiosity, I clicked on a banner ad for one of the political parties.

I am not going to talk politics here, but let’s look at how well they’ve executed this marketing campaign. Below are my tweets and comments about this campaign by the Indian National Congress, which is currently the main opposition party in Gujarat.

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Marketing Lessons from Mad Men

I’ve only been watching Mad Men when it airs on TV here in India, so I know I’m late in. but I watched the episode Blowing Smoke last night, and it reminded me of why I like the show. Yes, the characterizations are great, the acting is brilliant, the story touches on the politics of the era and doesn’t shy away from the ickiness (like the sexual harassment every woman on the show seems subject to, in one way or another). But what I like most, what really makes me sit up and watch, is the ad-making and the display of marketing strategy.

When their biggest client Lucky Strike fires the agency and everyone’s floundering, Don Draper makes a move. He puts up an ad in the New York Times where he writes about tobacco and its hazards, and why the agency would no more work on tobacco accounts.

It’s a move so bold as to be crazy. The other partners are furious: tobacco is a big advertising spender, and even if Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce reversed its stand, no tobacco company would be stupid enough to come to them after publicly disparaged one of their clients.

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