Using Markitty: View Your Top Facebook Posts for the Month

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What are your top posts on Facebook this month?

With this table, we give you your top posts for the current month ordered by highest number of impressions (reach, in Facebook terms). So at a glance, you can see which of your posts this month were seen by the most people. You can click on the blue Previous Month button on the top right and see the same data for the last month as well.

Top Facebook posts table on Markitty

The little purple icons on the left tell you if the post in question included a photo or a link or just text, and gives you a quick view of how well you’re doing with different mixes of content. For example, all three of our top posts in the table are photo posts! This ties in well with research that suggests photos get more engagement on Facebook.

Why are we ordering the table by impressions? Because with Facebook’s EdgeRank, the more your post is liked or shared or clicked on, the more people Facebook shows it too. So how many people saw your post is a good measure not just of reach, but of engagement (using the term loosely and not as Facebook uses it).

But you can click on any of the column headings and sort by that column.

So keep an eye on your Top Posts table. It’s a good view of how you’re doing on Facebook.

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