Monday Marketing Mash-up: Social Media Profile Cover Photos

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Managing your brand’s presence on so many different social channels can be a pain, and one of the annoying aspects of it is getting the right cover photos for each one. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ — all have different guidelines for what the cover photo size should be.

Here is a list of official and unofficial references that will give you cover and profile picture specification for all social networks:

1. Facebook

The cover photo of your Facebook page is very important: not only is it featured on your page, it is also prominently displayed in the user’s newsfeed when your page is recommended (paid or otherwise) by Facebook. Facebook’s official guidelines give very little detail but this page covers all you need to know.

Faceboook Cover Photo Guidelines

2. Google+

Like it or not, but you can’t ignore Google+. Just like everything else on Google+, its cover image rules are also complicated, so you may need to try a few times to get it right. Here is what Google says about the cover image, and read this for more details and tips.

Google Plus Cover Photo Guidelines

3. Twitter

Twitter doesn’t provide profile analytics, so there is no way to know how many people visit your profile. But most people are likely to check out your profile before following you, so that’s your chance to impress. And apart from the cover image you can also set up a custom background for your profile.

Again, the official guidelines are minimal but this blog post provides you an easy-to-use template.

Twitter Cover Photo Guidelines

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides no information other than that the image needs to be 646px x 220px and the file size should be less than 2MB. That’s probably enough for you to set it up, but this Social Media Examiner post has a bit more detail.

LinkedIn Cover Photo Guidelines

I hope these references will help you get started but remember to test your profiles on a couple of different screen sizes and also on mobile. Also, there are frequent changes to the recommended settings so subscribe to Markitty to stay updated about these changes.


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