The Only Five Essential Elements of Website Content for A Small Services Business

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In the last six months, I’ve reviewed over 30 business websites with a view to helping these businesses figure out how they can make their marketing more effective. Especially if you are a small services business — you provide software development services, or you’re a trainer or consultant or plumber — it can be difficult to figure out what goes on your website. Especially if you’re a consultant or freelancer, where does your personality end and your business begin?

Today I’m gonna help you figure out the five most essential pieces of information you need to provide on your website.

Promote your business on your website

How Can You Help Me?

Focus on Service Benefits and Your Customer’s Problems

If I’m a prospect who’s landed on your website, that’s the most important thing I need to know. So speak to me, tell me quickly what you can do. No, don’t babble on about your processes and operational excellence and strong industry experience. Just tell me what you can do for me.

Hard, isn’t it? You can be so used to thinking about your services that it is difficult to turn around and think from the customer’s perspective. But that is what you need to do. To help get to the benefits, think about your services and the value you provide, and ask yourself: “So what?”

“We provide end-to-end technology development services.”

“So what?”

” So we can do everything! You know…”

“So what?”

“Well, we do development and testing and deployment…”

“So what?”

“So clients can rely on us for all their entire software development needs.”

“So what?”

“They don’t have to worry about anything. We take care of all the technology aspects and build them a solution that works for their needs.”

Now we’re getting somewhere.

How Can I Trust You?

Demonstrate Credibility

Tell me what your other clients have said about you. Show me what you have done. If you are a designer, show samples and testimonials. If you are a life coach, tell anecdotes about your customers on your blog and put up testimonials on your website. If you are a tech services company, show testimonials… You get the idea. If you don’t have a testimonial from what appears to be a real person, I don’t trust you’re legit.

Wait, Who Are You?

Reveal Yourself

Make it easier for prospects to get to know you. Put up brief bios (hint: “brief”) and pictures of you and your team. Don’t include your entire resume — instead, include what you’re passionate about and why you’re in the business. Put up photos of your office. Link to your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Let us see you’re actual people.

How Do I Reach You?

Offer Easy Ways to Contact You

Don’t make me look all over the page for a link to your contact info. Put up a link on your main menu, or include a phone number or email address on all your pages.

I’m Not Convinced Yet — Tell Me More

Oh Yes, Offer Details of What You Do and How You Do It

Yes, do talk about your processes and features and all that, only don’t do it right up on the home page. On the home page, talk about benefits. If I’m interested, I’ll click on “Learn more” or “Services” and you can wow me about how you’re the best at what you do. Don’t talk jargon or use meaningless phrases that mean nothing (“state-of-the-art”, “value-based services”): give me details.

Does your website contain these five elements? Are they easy to find for any visitor to your site? Tell us in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “The Only Five Essential Elements of Website Content for A Small Services Business

  1. First step – have a website! I was trying to find my plumbers phone number the other day and had misplaced his card. I couldn’t find it on the web anywhere. So frustrating. But after that step, these really are the essentials to get a business website going. After these are up and running, there are many website content services that can help expand and build on these essentials. Thanks for sharing.

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