Get Markitty Beta Now (Free for Limited Period)

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That’s right, Markitty beta is up and ready for use! Go ahead and sign up while it’s still free.

You should get Markitty if:

  • You are a small business (restaurant or retail store or business services or florist or anything, really)


  • You have a Facebook Page, Twitter account, website, or blog (at least one of these) for your business 


  • You want to make better use of online marketing.

Markitty will help you by giving you your important stats in one place and offering useful tips and suggestions. Try it out for free!

Step One: Sign up for Your Account

Just fill in your email address in the box above to get your account. We’ll send you an email to verify your address.

Step Two: Connect Your Marketing Accounts

Once you’ve signed up, you can connect your online marketing accounts. Just click on the buttons and give the necessary permissions.

Connect your online marketing accounts on Markitty

For Facebook, sign in with your profile and select the Page you want to connect.

Twitter is easy, just one click and you’re done.

For Google Analytics, sign in and select the profile and website you want to connect.

Once you’ve connected one marketing account, go back to the Settings page and connect the others. If you connect all three, Markitty will show you more and better suggestions.

Step Three: Start Working

Now that your accounts are connected, you can go to the stats pages for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Analytics to look at your data.

And definitely go to the Dashboard and see what Markitty thinks of your marketing!

Remember to check back in tomorrow to see more suggestions and data.

We’re still in beta, so if something doesn’t work or you have questions or feedback, please let us know.

Get Markitty now and start improving your marketing!

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