Marketing Reading for the Weekend: Social Media Metrics You Can’t Ignore

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Is it only a week since I last did this? It’s been Technology Breakdown Week here at Markitty, with laptops, ACs (okay, one AC), and power all refusing to cooperate. But we survived!

This post is a great quick look at five social media metrics and how you can monitor them.

On the Buffer blog, read about five essential social media metrics and how you can improve them.

Jay Baer claims that social referrals to your website is the most overrated social media metric. Most overrated is probably hyperbole (I think that distinction belongs to the number of Likes on your Facebook Page), but as we said on Twitter:

But you should look at your social referrals number and see how much it contributes to your website visits (even if it is to discount those referrals because they are worthless.

Markitty lets you see this at a glance with our Visits, Referrals, and Social Referrals graph for Google Analytics.

Markitty graph screenshot: website visits, referrals, and social referrals

 Even if you’re not using Markitty, you should read this post for why you should track these metrics.

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