Where and How Should You Publish Your Content?

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So you’ve got your objectives pinned down, you know who your audience is, and you have a list of topics in mind. But what form of content are you going to create and where are you going to publish it?

Bird's nest with egg next to a wall
Create original content and decide how and where you want it delivered: like the pair of pigeons who chose my balcony to nest in

Settle down and grab a pen: I’ve got a lot of questions you need to answer.

Content Forms

Will your content be in the form of text, and if so, will it be many paragraphs or one line?

Will your content consist mostly of your original views and thoughts, or do you plan to have a lot of interviews or cover industry news?

Will you record your interviews as videos or just audio, or maybe just use a text transcript?

Will you take lots of pictures?

You get the idea. How do you decide this? Based on your audience’s interests (of course!) and your strengths.

  • Is your audience visual or verbal?
  • Will they engage more with video than with presentations?
  • Are you a creator or an organizer?
  • Are you a writer or a talker?
  • Are you/do you have a good photographer or designer?

Remember, you don’t have to pick just one. A combination of text, visuals, video, and audio is ideal, but you can decide the mix that will work best for you.

Content Vehicles

Where is your content going to be published?

Let’s suppose you’ve decided to go with mostly text-based content, with some images and videos thrown in.

  • Will you have a blog where you will publish content frequently (weekly, if not daily)?
  • Do you plan to have less content, so maybe it will work better as pages on your website?
  • Do you plan to write many pages on one topic, and make that into an e-book?
  • Do you want to send out weekly newsletters?
  • Would you prefer to write short posts on Facebook, or really short ones on Twitter?

Again, you decide this based on what works for you and your audience. Find out whether the medium you are considering is one your audience will prefer. And ask yourself whether you have what it takes to use this medium to your advantage.

  • What’s your audience’s attention span? Will they read long blog posts or would they prefer tweet-sized information?
  • Are they on Twitter or on Facebook, or somewhere else entirely?
  • Will they readily share their email addresses with you and be happier receiving your content in their email than go to your website to read it?
  • What about you: can you be witty in 140 characters? (Don’t answer that yourself: ask a friend.)
  • How much time can you realistically spend on creating or curating content?
  • Which medium will you find easiest to start on and maintain?

If you’re short of time (show me an entrepreneur who isn’t!), choose just a couple of vehicles and create good content for them frequently and consistently.

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