Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Twitter for CEOs

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Remove the mask and reveal yourself on social media
Time to remove the mask and reveal yourself on social media

This week, I want to tell you all about Twitter. If you’re a startup founder or a business leader, you should be using Twitter.

This article about top companies’ CEOs in Australia and their low use of Twitter explains why:

By deliberately avoiding Twitter, CEOs are shutting themselves off from engagement with a range of stakeholders including customers, staff and shareholders.

The Wall Street Journal has also discussed what seems to be top executives’ “fear” of Twitter.

Most CEOs should accept that social media is part of their job description, says former Medtronic Inc. CEO Bill George, a management professor at Harvard Business School and avid tweeter. “People want CEOs who are real. They want to know what you think,” he says, adding: “Can you think of a more cost-effective way of getting to your customers and employees?”

This post on Inc. offers five simple reasons why CEOs should tweet.

Forbes also gives seven reasons why CEOs are using Twitter. I especially like this one because the first example is of Anand Mahindra, who is an awesome example of a CEO showing his human side on social media.

Twitter is gradually taking on a second identity as a business prospecting tool. It’s uniquely good as a conversation starter with utter strangers who might one day become your customers, your business partners or your employees. People in this part of Twitter’s ecosystem are too busy to fritter away time gabbing about TV shows or tasty lattes. They come to Twitter for ideas that can help them in their careers — and to see who else in their field is engaging enough to be worth following.

Not convinced? These stats might convince you.

Twitter is the strongest social media channel for generating leads, outperforming Facebook and Linkedin 9-to-1.  In fact, 82% of all social media leads were sourced from Twitter.

And for more tips about using Twitter, get our Beginner’s Guide To Twitter for Business.

The Beginner's Guide to Twitter

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