Monday Marketing Mash-up: Marketing Tips for Small and Local Businesses

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Since last week was Small Business Week in the U.S., we’ve been tweeting about marketing for small businesses all week. Here are a few of the links that are useful all year-round.

On Small Business Trends, 5 reasons why signs work for your small business.

But if you’re thinking you only need signs, think again: Search Engine Journal explains why offline businesses need online marketing.

According to the BIA/Kelsey  report, 97% of consumers use online media before making local purchases.  Google Research  showed that 9 out of 10 internet searches resulted in a follow up action, such as calling or visiting the business. Mobile searches triggered an additional action or conversion 73% of the time; and 28% of mobile searches resulted in a store visit or purchase.

How to write a Contact Us page (that helps prospect contact you!): Especially useful if you’re a local business and want customers to turn up at your store.

This post from 2011 has explains how to avoid these common web design mistakes small businesses make.

While we’re on small-business websites, check out my post about the (only) five pieces of content you must have on your website.

On HubSpot, Corey Eridon writes a heartfelt paean to working in small businesses.

This post (also from 2011) explains how you can beat your bigger competitors.

And of course, my reasons why small businesses are awesome.

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