Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Sales and SEO

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This is about how fake I feel if I try to sell

Vijay Anand, the founder of the Startup Center and a well-known name in the Indian startup space, answers the question, “What will it take to build 1.000 Startups in a year?”

Tech columnist Farhad Manjoo writes about Facebook’s Graph Search (which Nilesh wrote about here).

You’ll immediately notice Facebook search’s amazing user interface and flexibility. You’ll also spot one glaring problem: The search results aren’t that good.

After just a few queries, I started asking the engine for more and more complicated things, just to see if it could keep up… It didn’t have any trouble.

I can’t wait to try it myself, though apparently Facebook is rolling it out “very slowly.”

Are you making these 9 mistakes on LinkedIn?

Inc. also has this great article about sales habits you need to break. I’ve seen it myself — I was never at my best when I tried to impress a client. I’m much more likely to make a sale if I’m not trying to do it: if I’m thinking of the client’s interests, not mine.

 For me, I have to prepare for a sales call by mentally eliminating my interest in the closing of the sale and replace it with my honest desire to help the other company make a good decision. By changing my reward it is easier to change my routine from “selling” to “problem-solving.”

Neil Patel writes another great blog post on the state of SEO. Short version: stop trying to game the search engines; focus on great content on your site and guest posts; and focus on long-tail search.

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