Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Remote Work and SEO

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Happy Friday! This week, we have tips on using content for your business, making your posts more search-friendly and having your author information show up, starting out with Twitter ads, and working remotely. Let’s dive in!

How can you make your blog posts Google-friendly? This post at Business from the Kitchen Table provides nice easy steps for you to follow to get your blog post found online.

How can you have author information show up in search results for your posts? Google tells you.

ExploreB2B details seven ways to get content to work for your business, with practical examples of how they worked for the author or her colleagues.

If you’ve been curious about Twitter ads but not sure how to start, here’s a handy guide to getting started with Promoted Accounts or Tweets.

One investment firm found that their remote workers are more engaged than those who work in the same office: and this blogger at HBR suggests why. If you’re a remote worker, you might want to read these six tips for working remotely that I’d written earlier.

Have a great weekend, and wish you better marketing!

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