Monday Marketing Mash-up: Productivity and Tools

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To-do list on memo padLet’s talk about productivity! Raise your hand if you think you work at a terrific pace and rarely waste time being unproductive or procrastinating. What, no one? I’m shocked.

Check out Nilesh’s post about seven free tools he’s used that might help you improve your productivity.

It’s easy to see which of us is more tech-savvy. My recent post about productivity on the Spin Sucks blog described how I use my favorite productivity tool: paper.

That’s right: I have ten notebooks, each with a designated use. Don’t believe me? Check out the post: I have details and a picture.

This is a really interesting list of apps and plug-ins you can use to counter procrastination. I’ve started using Strict Workflow myself to keep me on track.

I also use Rescue Time to check up on my productivity (since Bhaskar recommended it),  and of course, email (I write myself notes on things I need to remember) and Google Calendar. I have also found Streak useful to keep track of emails I need to follow up on. I’ve used Remember the Milk and Trello as well, but with less success.

And if you’re feeling stressed out about your productivity levels, Amber Naslund’s post might help you gain perspective.

There is no magic system. Stop looking for it.

So let’s get to work now, you and me both.

3 thoughts on “Monday Marketing Mash-up: Productivity and Tools

  1. Hey Unmana, since you help small businesses with online marketing I wanted to let you know about Brightpod ( It is a task + content management app for digital marketing teams. Do give it a spin and let me know what you think :)

    1. Whoa, I’m so thrilled to see you here!

      I *have* heard of Brightpod — haven’t used it yet because we are a really small team and don’t need that kind of collaboration tool. But I’ll definitely keep it in mind for later!

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