Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Do This Now

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This week’s reads are all about tips you should start following right away or mistakes you need to avoid. Get on these right away so you don’t lose opportunities!

This is something we have found too: everyone wants to help you. As usual, Joel Gascoigne dispenses excellent and inspiring advice to entrepreneurs.

The KISSmetrics blog lays out seven critical errors made by e-commerce websites. Make sure you’re not making any!

Are you optimizing your images for search? If not, start now!

A study of smartphone and tablet users in the U.S. found some interesting results with regard to mobile searches for restaurants:

  • 95 percent of smartphone users conduct restaurant searches
  • 90 percent of these users “convert within the day”
  • 64 percent convert either “immediately” or “within one hour”
  • 44 percent of tablet owners convert within an hour
  • “3 out of 5″ mobile restaurant seekers had no particular place in mind when they started their search

The results will be different for India, of course, but if you’re a restaurant or other local business, you can’t afford to ignore mobile — get on Google Local and relevant review sites and directories today!

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