Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Networking and Content

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Happy Friday! This week, read up on how to improve your content, get more employees to blog, make sure you’ve got your WordPress website under control, and go out and network like a pro!

If you’re confused about all the different content marketing tactics — SEO, social media, conversion, analytics, email — this post explains exactly how you can use all of these tactics in the same piece of content. If you read nothing else this weekend, read this.

The WordStream blog tells SMBs how you can get more employees to contribute to your business blog.

Neil Patel shares the ten secrets that make networking easy, fun, and effective. While on networking, you might also like my guide to networking for introverts.

If your website is on WordPress, make sure to check out the WordPress website owner’s emergency checklist.

So, are you going to any business events this weekend?

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