Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

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Mistakes post-itAmber Naslund says: “Smart businesses don’t make it difficult for people to leave.” And “Desperation is not a customer retention strategy.” Wise words, those.

Have you created your editorial calendar yet? Make sure you haven’t made any of these four mistakes.

Don’t try to write impersonally. Dan Shipper says:

 “Embracing your context, and framing your writing within who you actually are is the first step to writing interesting things that people want to read.”

He has other tips for building a blog readership: read every word.

On a similar vein, I loved Joel Gascoigne’s five realizations that helped him write regularly. Joel is the founder of Buffer, and he has an engaging blog with an authentic voice — and he’s very good about responding to comments! Read the entire post, but I found myself nodding along when I read about avoiding these mistakes:

“Delaying an article with the belief spending longer will make it better usually just means it won’t get written.”

“We should fear not publishing articles, rather than fearing the bad outcomes of putting something out there.”

And finally, after all these “don’ts”, here’s a “do.” Apparently, crashing weddings is exactly like crashing conversations online, and you can learn how to do both!

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