Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Improve Your Customers’ Experience

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Serve up a complete experience to your customers

Do you know how many of your visitors are using phones and tablets to view your website or app? Is your website or application optimized for mobile?

This article has web design best practices that you should be aware of: it focuses on the iPad Mini, but most of this is relevant for any mobile device.

And Rand Fishkin explains why every company should have a marketing-focused web development team.

The Buffer blog has brilliant tips on blogging, including the important question — who should you write for?

Mashable tells us that off-hours are the best time to post on Facebook. But now that everyone will rush to post on Facebook during off-hours after reading that, will fans hide more posts? Either way, it’s worth a try!

That article also says photo posts get 39% higher interaction rates than average: so post more photos on Facebook!

This is one of the most amazing customer service stories ever. What will you do next week to delight a customer? Tell us!


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