Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Get Involved with Your Community

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I have been thinking about community a lot lately. Nilesh wrote on YourStory.in about marketing lessons from our Office Hours for the Pune startup community.

Contribute to the community you want to be part of. There are many ways of adding value – you don’t have to be in the organizing committee to do that. Reach out to the people who are running things and they would be more than happy to get a helping hand.

Find things you can do well – we knew that we would not be able to help much with organizing community events and we like more focused conversations than open ended gatherings. Office hours gave us that opportunity and filled an important gap.

Online Marketing Workshop with Pune OpenCoffee Club
Nilesh talking to participants at our online marketing workshop with members of Pune OpenCoffee Club

Office Hours is a great initiative, and the Pune OpenCoffee Club is a vibrant community with a lot of participation. Co-founder Santosh Dawara writes here about how POCC has grown and changed since 2008. Read this if you’re in Pune: and if you haven’t come to any of the events — what are you waiting for?

This blog post outlines how you can contribute to your startup community by being an early adopter of startup products. If you’re inclined to try out this advice, sign up to Markitty!

Joel Gascoigne of Buffer writes about the magic of a great startup community and why he helps startup founders.

Are you involved in your local (or even online) community — attending events, offering advice or feedback, or anything else?

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