Monday Marketing Mash-up: All You Need to Know for Business Blogging

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I recently realized I’ve written a lot about blogging. Here are a few of my posts that might be useful to readers of this blog.

Why You Should Blog

This post compares blogging to other social media channels and tells you whether it’s right for you. Here’s what I think is most important:

Blog posts last better than most other social media posts: your older posts will continue to get you visits long after your tweets and Facebook posts have faded into oblivion.

Starting Your Blog

If you’re just starting out, this post explains six tips that I’ve found useful, including being regular and frequent, using relevant keywords, and improving usability on your blog.

Finding Blog Topics

Wait, what do I write about? This is one of the most common questions I get asked when I advise business-owners to start a blog. The answer is simple: write about stuff related to your business that your customers will be interested in. 

Okay, fine. I spell it out for you here.

Writing Blog Posts

Still shying away from writing? Here’s a secret formula you can use to write your post. Go ahead, I don’t mind you borrowing it.

Getting Your Blogging Voice

Your voice is your personality. It’s your writing style. It’s important because it can make the difference between a borrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing post and a funny one; between snarky and motivational. Which do you want to be?

Making It Readable

There are so many times I’ve been intrigued by a blog’s content but stopped reading it because the design made it too difficult. (Black backgrounds, I’m looking at you.) Here are my suggestions for having a more user-friendly blog that will keep us reading.

Enough reading: time to get to work!

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