Marketing Reading: Memorable and Bad Content

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Did you know you can now display cover photos on Twitter? HubSpot has a handy guide on how to use this feature. I’m going to update ours next week, and you should too!

Have you tested your email unsubscribe process lately? Do this next week!

Stop trying to create great content: create memorable content instead.

I love the comments on my post on Search Engine People about bad content ruining it for the rest of us. Especially:

“The long-term aside, the other reason to avoid junk is that everything you type is reflection of you, how you think, how deeply. It shows if you really have something to offer. If Google is smart, human brains are vastly smarter. They will instantly recognize junk when they read it, no matter how high it might accidentally rank.”

And this one:

“I often work as an ’embedded journalist’ in many ways, spending time with a company and writing on their behalf, often under my own name. That way the company not only benefits from structured and optimized work, but I’m also in a position to often discover opportunities and articles which weren’t apparent to people within the business, especially if they don’t have media experience.”

Great tip, and if you know a good writer, this is how you should use their services.

That’s all I have this week — have a great weekend!

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