Monday Marketing Mash-up: Improve Your “About Us” Page

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How many views does your About Us page get?

For us, it’s in the top ten, if you include blog pages. If you don’t, it’s consistently in the top two, with the home page. That’s a pretty important page. And most businesses spend a lot of time and effort getting the home page right and don’t bother to optimize the About Us page.

When was the last time you updated your About Us page?

I rewrote our About Us page last week, to make it more user-centric and less self-indulgent. What we had earlier told our story: who the team is, how we built Markitty. But why should you care about that?

Now we tell you why we built Markitty. What’s the problem we’re trying to solve, who we’re trying to solve it for, and why you should use Markitty. (And a little about the team, of course.)

Improve your About Us page today.

How do you improve your About Us page? This Inc. article is a great place to start.

For inspiration, look at MailChimp’s page. The page is designed well, with lots of interesting pictures (not stock photos). The text tells you about their accomplishments, their culture, their values.

Another great example is Copyblogger. The page lays out the company’s accomplishments without getting self-indulgent, telling you not just what makes them good but why you should care.

Modcloth's About Us page

Modcloth’s is pretty cool, too. The quirky design is in line with the brand, and it not only tells you their story but gives you things to do: join the community, vote for a designer, find out about their blogger program. Since anyone who clicks on the About Us link wants to know more about you, it’s a great idea to try and keep them hooked.

So when did you last update your About Us page? What are the most interesting About Us pages you have seen?

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One thought on “Monday Marketing Mash-up: Improve Your “About Us” Page

  1. Great idea. Its something you usually don’t think about, because with most sites the About Us page is typically not in the top 50, but with smaller eCommerce Brands, Magazines, Blogs or even Service Software such as Markitty, the About Us page helps to sell the brand. While we never checked Markitty’s About Us page, we will be sure to check it out now.

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