Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: First Edition

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Starting today, we’ll post a round-up of useful marketing news and tips every Friday, just in time for the weekend. So you can read on a lazy weekend afternoon and get to work on Monday improving your marketing!

Seven steps to a high-converting email marketing campaign: excellent advice. If you plan to start an email marketing program or have one already and want to improve it, go read.

My favorite marketing writer, Lisa Barone, offers four ways to fairly use content created by other people (and I’m using one of those here).

Lisa Barone also explains how you can use social media to build trust.

Read these seven simple ways to write better blog posts. I gotta say, I tend to not do #4 and #5 as well as I should. #4 is why I try to sleep over a post before publishing it, so I can edit it ruthlessly when I look at it with a fresh eye the next day.

While on the subject, here’s a great guide to writing popular blog posts.

More blogging tips, specifically, tips on finding inspiration: when I read sections #4 and #5, I thought, oh, this is how extroverts write blog posts.

And Lisa Barone again, on how blogging helps you build a better business.

Let me end with one of my own: a guide to optimizing your LinkedIn page.

What have you been reading lately?

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