Tips for Marketing Professionals at Review Time

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It’s review time and time to showcase your accomplishments. Saying “I spent so much time submitting our website to directories” won’t do you much good while asking for a raise. What bosses (managers, CMOs, CEOs) need to see are results. And if you’ve been doing things right, this should be easy.

Here are some ways you talk about the results you’ve achieved.

Business Results

If you can showcase business results you’ve helped achieve, that’s the best business case you can make for rewards (read: raise or bonus and/or promotion). What kind of business results?

  • New clients you’ve helped acquire
  • Relevant new leads who came in through your marketing efforts (as far as you can tell: often, new leads come from a combination of sources)
  • Increase in sales in the last year in the business/products you work in

Marketing Results

Along with business results, show marketing results you’ve achieved. Some examples:

  • Increased search visibility: give examples of keywords you’re ranking high for now as compared to a year ago
  • Increased press coverage, with a list of most significant publications and articles
  • Links on respected and high-traffic sites
  • Improved third-party ratings, such as PageRank, Alexa Rank, mozRank or Marketing Grade
  • Any recognition for marketing efforts (e.g., my email marketing program recently got Constant Contact’s All Star)
  • Increased website visits, social media followers, email sign-ups etc.


If you don’t have enough of the first two (which you should, if you’re doing it right), this is your last resort. Some examples:

  • Number of new blog posts written, edited or successfully solicited
  • Number of campaigns (emails and landing pages, ad campaigns etc.)
  • Number of tweets, Facebook posts etc. per week on an average
  • Number of websites managed and optimized
  • Number of press releases
  • New products launched

Ideally, you should have a healthy mixture of #1 and #2 to write/talk about, and maybe add a few of #3 if you want to demonstrate how much you’re doing on your own. Best of luck, and tell me how it goes!

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