13 Marketing and Small-Business Blogs for 2013

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Instead of our regular Weekend Reading post, today we have for you a round-up of the marketing sites and blogs you should read, recommended by the marketing experts and entrepreneurs we have interviewed in 2012.

Read on for the 13 blogs you should follow in 2013.


Recommended by Bhaskar Sarma and Lisa Barone, this is also one of my favorite places for marketing advice. Even though they focus on copywriting, the bloggers at Copyblogger give away secrets to persuading your audience that every marketer should learn about.

Duct Tape Marketing

Recommended by Lisa BaroneAnita Campbell, and Bhaskar Sarma, this is an excellent resource for small businesses.

The Hatch

Recommended by Aparna Vedapuri Singh, this is a resource for startups, specifically Indian ones.


Recommended by Gini Dietrich, Hubspot’s blog alternates between how-to articles and funny or provocative posts. I have been reading it for years, and one thing they are very good at is telling you how to work the features of a social media site or other online tool, whether it’s creating custom tabs for your Facebook page or how to search Google better.  This is a prolific blog, so (like me) you might want to subscribe in a reader and only look at the articles that interest you.


Recommended by Anita CampbellGini Dietrich, and Aparna Vedapuri Singh, MarketingProfs is a great site for both beginners and well, pros. This is one of the first marketing sites I started reading, and it’s responsible for at least some of my marketing education! The only caveat: there is so much content on this site that it can be daunting, so take some time to sift through and find the topics and articles you like.

Occam’s Razor

Recommended by Bhaskar Sarma, Avinash Kaushik’s seminal blog used to focus on Google Analytics, but now touches all aspects of online marketing. Check out this recent post for what metrics you should be looking at in Google Analytics.

Open Forum

Recommended by Gini Dietrich, this is an initiative by American Express, and has lots of helpful advice for small businesses.

The Rant

Recommended by Bhaskar Sarma, John Carlton’s blog is funny and profound. His style might take a little getting used to, but check it out if you’re a startup founder or small-business owner.

The Sales Lion

Recommended by Bhaskar Sarma, Marcus Sheridan’s blog has helpful advice on content marketing. Check out this recent post about keywords on your website.

Search Engine Land

Recommended by Bhaskar Sarma, this is one of the definitive sites on search engine marketing. If your marketing depends heavily on SEO, don’t miss this.

Social Media Examiner

Recommended by Anita Campbell and Bhaskar Sarma, this is a great source for social media news and advice. If your marketing depends heavily on social media, don’t miss this!

Spin Sucks

Recommended by Bhaskar Sarma, Gini Dietrich’s blog covers marketing and PR tips. I love Gini’s blogging style, and there is a good mix of content here, covering profound entrepreneurial insights and quick-and-dirty how-tos.

Understanding Google Places & Local Search

Recommended by Lisa Barone, Mike Blumenthal’s blog delves into local search, especially as it relates to small businesses. If you’re a local business providing physical products or services, check it out.

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