Using Markitty: Links You Share on Twitter and Facebook

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Update: We’ve made some changes to this table. 

I’m really excited about this new table on Markitty. It appears at the bottom of your Today page.

Markitty table: Links You Share on Twitter and Facebook

As the table heading says, these are the links you’ve shared on Facebook and Twitter  this month. We’ve put them all in one table and included the number of posts, impressions, likes, and stories for Facebook, and tweets, retweets, and favorites for Twitter.

So if you’ve shared the same link on Facebook and Twitter, or shared it more than once, you can see the combined performance of that link. This is especially useful if you’re sharing links to your website or YouTube video or other content… this table shows you how many of your Facebook and Twitter followers are interested in that content.

What’s more, you can sort the table by any column you like. By default, it’s sorted by impressions, but you can click on Retweets to see the table reordered by number of retweets.

What do you think, is this information useful for you? Click here to view your Links table, or…

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