Using Markitty: Links You Share, with Referrals

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Markitty’s Links You Shared table answers the question: which of the links you’re sharing on social media are getting you the best results?

As I wrote earlier, the table shows the performance of links you’ve shared on Facebook and Twitter. It includes the number of posts (in which you’ve shared that one link), impressions, likes, and stories for Facebook, and tweets, retweets, and favorites for Twitter.

Now we have expanded the Links You Shared table to include referrals from social media, Twitter, and Facebook. So if you shared a blog post link on Facebook or Twitter, you can not only see Facebook and Twitter stats for that link, you also get website referrals (from Facebook, Twitter, and all social media).

Markitty table:  Links you shared on Twitter and Facebook, with referrals to your website

So now you know not just how many people retweeted or shared the link posts, but also how many people clicked on the link in social media. This ties your social media shares to your website content: telling you not just whether your posts are popular, but also if people are clicking on them to get to your site.

You can click on any column heading to sort your data by that column. Want to see your top links on Facebook by stories instead of impressions? Just click on Stories and you have it. Want to see the links you shared that got the most hits from social media to your site? Just click on the last column heading (Social).

To see how your links are doing, get Markitty now. Sign up in a minute and we’ll fetch your stats for you.

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