5 Social Media Post Ideas for the Fourth of July

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When I looked for marketing ideas for the Fourth of July for this week’s round-up, I couldn’t find much for social media posts, which surprised me. So if you’re looking for ideas, here are some I have.

Times Square in New York

Special Promotion

Everyone’s doing this, but can you have a special offer or discount and tie it in with the holiday? Maybe a discount on all red, white, or blue items, or a discount on everything bought on that day, or something free with every order this week (a flag, a cupcake, a picnic basket). And then announce it on your Facebook page (and Pinterest, and all your social media pages) with a photo.

Facebook post with photo of red, white, and blue product

Can’t offer a discount? At least make or find a suitable product and put up a photo!

Photo or Video of Your Staff or Office

Ask your staff to come in dressed in patriotic colors. Or have everyone decorate the store or office together. Or have each employee say something about why they like the day. Or just have a barbecue. Record it on photo or video and share it on social media.

Put a Spotlight on Your Customers

Ask customers what they’re doing on the Fourth of July or what they like about this day. Make it into a contest and share the one you like the most, or make a collage of their quotes (with their permission, of course).

Patriotic Quote

If nothing else, find a nice quote and share it — for Facebook and Pinterest, make an image of it and then share it. Easy and quick — just go for a less-obvious quote that you really like.

Delve into History

Independence Day is all about reliving history — is there something about your business, your town, or your state that you’re particularly proud of? Share it with your fans!

What did I miss? How else can you promote your business on a holiday like the Fourth of July?

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