Using Markitty: Compare Website Visits, Referrals, and Social Referrals

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I’m going to show you some useful Markitty graphs, stats, and features, and explain why we put them in and how you can use them. For the very first in this series, I’ve picked this graph displaying data from Google Analytics.

Markitty graph screenshot: website visits, referrals, and social referrals

As the graph title says, this line graph shows you the total visits to your website, the number of visits that were referred by other sites, and the number of visits referred by social sites. You get all of these for the last three weeks (if you signed up with Markitty over three weeks ago).

Why did we put this graph together?

Because it’s important to know where your visitors are coming from. If most of your visitors access your site directly (that is, type in the address into their browser bar), there’ll be a huge gap between your blue Visits line and the red Referrals line. If most of your visitors come from your Facebook page, all three lines (Visits, Referrals, and the orange Social Referrals one) will be close together. (To look at details of your social referrals, go to the Social link under Traffic Sources in your Google Analytics account.)

The graph above shows our website data. Here are some of the things we can tell from this graph:

  • Do you notice how the three graphs move together? When visits are high, referrals and social referrals are usually high too, and vice versa. This indicates the importance of referrals to our site.
  • There are spikes in the graphs every couple of days, which might be explained by the fact that we have an active blog. When we publish a blog post, we share the links on social media, where others click on or share those links. We usually publish a post every two or three days, which explains the peaks.
  • The Referrals and Social Referrals lines are close together, indicating that most of our referrals are from social media.

At least, that’s true for us. Is it true for you? I don’t know, but you should. So sign up for Markitty now!

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