Using Markitty: Compare Tweets with Retweets and Mentions, and Your Followers to People You’re Following

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Twitter offers users no stats at all, unlike most other social media sites. You can look at your followers and your total number of tweets from your home page (timeline), and click on the @ Connect button for recent retweets and mentions. But that’s it: you can’t see whether your follower count has increased from last week or last month (unless you’re using a separate method of keeping track); you have to count to see how many tweets you posted yesterday.

 Markitty’s Tweet Performance and Profile Performance graphs give you a quick glance at all of these for the last three weeks. The Tweet Performance graph compares your tweets each day with retweets you got and mentions of you by others.

Why compare tweets with retweets and mentions? Because common sense suggests that the more you tweet the more your mentions and retweets should increase (though not necessarily in the same day). If this isn’t happening, maybe you should look at the quality or relevance of your tweets.

Graphs of Twitter stats: a) tweets, retweets and mentions and b) followers and people you're following

The Profile Performance table compares the count of people you are following vs. those who are following you. Are the two correlated? I suspect if you are new to Twitter and/or are following few people (say, less than 100), they should be. After that, it’s back to the number and quality of your tweets.

And that’s why we’ve placed one graph below the other, so you can also see if or how your follower count increases when you tweet more or get more retweets.

Whether or not you’re using Markitty, you should know:

  1. Are you tweeting regularly (say, more than three days per week)?
  2. Are you tweeting enough (at least a few times a day)?
  3. Are you getting retweets? (Do people share your content?)
  4. Are you getting mentions? (Are people engaging with you?)
  5. Has your follower count changed recently?
  6. Are you following enough people? Have you followed new people recently?

If you’re not keeping an eye on these answers, or the answers to any of the first four questions is “no,” you’re not getting much out of Twitter.

Many, many businesses I see on Twitter would answer “no” to the first two questions. Don’t be one of them.

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