This Is Goodbye (Sort of)

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We wanted to build a product that would help small businesses do better marketing, to build a great small business, to help you get more out of your marketing.

We failed.

We haven’t seen a way forward for a while. The decision to quit was a difficult one, but we decided to choose our time rather than wait until we had no way out and would have to stop anyway.

Nilesh and I have both moved to Mumbai and started new jobs, still doing things they are interested in (project management and marketing, respectively). Virendra is at engineering school and continues to build apps in his free time.

This year of entrepreneurship has taught us so much. We are glad we took the plunge, that we put in everything into something we believed in, that we tested our limits. We met some wonderful people and learned more about ourselves.

We want to thank you, so very much, for supporting us, for believing in us. We wish we could have helped you more, but we can’t support Markitty anymore and will close down all emails from the app. We will still keep the app up for another month, so you can continue to use it if you like. We will try to keep blogging here once in a while, because we love this space and don’t want to leave it.

As always, wishing you better marketing.

7 thoughts on “This Is Goodbye (Sort of)

  1. How sad. I just found this blog all of 5 mins ago and it’s awesome, but you did not fail. Think of this as a phase, where you’ve learned how to run such a firm and you can use what you’ve learned towards future ventures or for future employers. Keep in contact with former clients, they will make great references. Keep all that you all have done under Markitty’s name in a portfolio, It will help you in the future–or at least make great conversation. You can say you’ve had a marketing firm, whereas a student like myself only hopes to be able to say that one day. Keep posting here. I would love to see what your next phases are like (oh and about that email I sent: If you saw it, I was lost on the site. If not, nevermind.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. Definitely learned a lot from the experience that should help me become a more valuable employee (already has, I think).

  2. Markitty is an honest attempt… a great one in my opinion. It takes courage to pursue dreams. I am so glad you did, and I am proud of you because you did. I wish I was around more to support you.

    I am sure you experience with Markitty will help you and be a good reference point in your future endeavors.

  3. Hey Unmana,

    Have been an occassional visitor to markitty. I thought it is one of the most easiest ways to learn the basics of digital marketing. Visited today again and landed this entry. I’m so sorry it didn’t work out. I thought it was a very brave attempt by you and Nilesh. But no worries, I’m sure you’ve learned tons of stuff that will come handy in your next one. Be hungry, be foolish! Hope you are enjoying Mumbai and Hi to Nilesh. God bless!

  4. Hi Unmana, It feels sad to see you go, but honestly it was a brave attempt considering the Hubspots of the World. The business model was right. Recurring revenue is the best way to grow the business. I’m glad that you did not fall prey to the sunk cost trap. How about starting a marketing strategy consulting service online? Like, one can pay a monthly fee to consult you on n-number of problems related to marketing.

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