Five Ways to Find Relevant People to Follow on Twitter

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A common question business-owners who use Twitter ask us is, “How do I find relevant people to follow?”

In my last post, I talked about who you should follow on Twitter: now let’s look at how to find these people.

1. Twitter Advanced Search

A useful but rarely used feature of Twitter is Advanced Search.

Used Twitter's Advanced Search to find people relevant to your business

Using different filters you can narrow down your search results to relevant people. Search results will by default show Top Tweets, so click on People on the left to see Twitter users who match your criteria.

2. Hashtags

This is probably the most obvious way to search for people but many of us don’t use it as often as we should. Click on a hashtag or a trending topic to see who is talking about it. Twitter by default shows you the Top Tweets for that hashtags and that is a good way to find influencers. But you can click on “All Tweets” to see the latest tweets and find other relevant people.

3. Lists

Once you find a few people who are relevant, you can check if they are part of any lists created by others. For example, if you found a blogger who writes for Mashable, chances are someone has that person in list for “Mashable Bloggers” or “Social Media Bloggers” and you can find others included that list easily.

Lisa Barone - Member of Twitter Lists

How do you find this? Go the Twitter profile of the person, then click on Lists. By default Twitter will show you the lists created by that user, but click on the link “Member of” to see which lists that person is part of. Once you get to the lists you can see all members of that list.

4. Conventional sources

Email signatures or business cards of your customers, suppliers, or industry experts might have their Twitter handle. Don’t forget to look through that. You can go to a business’ website or refer to other promotional materials. Or search by the business name or person on Twitter. And sometimes we miss the obvious — just Google it.

5. Third party tools

There are third party tools that provide more advanced search options than what you can get from Twitter. I particularly like the options that FollowerWonk provides to search Twitter bios.

Twitter will suggest you more people to follow, but it will learn from the people you already follow or engage with. So the more relevant your first few followers, the better Twitter’s suggestions will be.

For more tips about using Twitter, get the Beginner’s Guide To Twitter for Business.

The Beginner's Guide to Twitter

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4 thoughts on “Five Ways to Find Relevant People to Follow on Twitter

  1. Having Twitter followers is crucial especially if you want to make an impression. Always remember that the best way to have people follow you on Twitter is to promote your account well. One way to do it is to promote it on other Social Media accounts.

    1. Agree with you on promoting Twitter account on other social media channels. In fact, I think one should include it in traditional channels like email signatures and business cards.


  2. I agree that you need to find the relevant people to follow. This can take a bit of time, but it’s worth the effort for the long term benefits it brings. Your tip on lists was a real help for me. Thanks.

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