Customize Your Facebook Page URL in Three Easy Steps

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Do you have a custom (“vanity”) URL set up for their Facebook page? That is, is your Facebook page URL something like or is it more like

It only takes a minute and it makes your page look so much better (and gives you a shorter, nicer URL to share), so if you haven’t set it up yet, do it right now.

Step one: Click on Edit Facebook Page and then on Update Page Info.

Go to your Facebook page. If you are an admin of the page, you will see an “Edit Page” button. Click on that to release the dropdown menu, and then click on the menu item “Update Page Info.” Edit Facebook page

Step two: Click on “Create a Username” on the Basic Information page.

This is the page you should see once you click on Update Page Info. Click on “Create a username for this page?” Edit Facebook info

Step three: Set your username.

Now you should actually be on the page where you can set your username. Enter your brand name and see if it’s available. Enter Facebook username

If the username you want isn’t available, pick something close. We didn’t get “markitty,” so we used “markittyapp.” This is what will appear in your Facebook URL (e.g., ours is, so it should be as close to your brand name and as short as possible. But keep your brand name first — don’t add a prefix just because your brand name wasn’t available. If we hadn’t got markittyapp, we would have got “markittydotcom.” You can even add your city if you’re a local business (“bettermarketing.chicago”). Adding something before your brand name might make your page difficult to find in searches for your brand name.

Facebook Page Username

Remember: you can only change your username once after you’ve set it, so choose wisely. And that’s all! Wasn’t that easy? Now you can share your new shorter Facebook page URL.

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2 thoughts on “Customize Your Facebook Page URL in Three Easy Steps

  1. Hi Unmana,
    Very easy yet very important if you plan to do effective marketing on Facebook. Thanks so much for creating this post and for sharing it with the BizSugar community.

    1. I agree, this is a simple but important thing to do if you’re marketing on Facebook. And I’m thrilled to have you comment here, after seeing you around on BizSugar!

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