Target Your Facebook Posts for More Effective Reach

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The People tab on your Facebook Insights shows you the age, gender, language and city as well as country of your fans, of people you’ve reached, and people who have engaged with your page. Does this data match your expectations? In other words, have you succeeded in reaching your target customers?

Targeting Your Facebook Posts to a Segment of Your Fans

Did you know Facebook has a targeting option when you create a new post? Target Facebook Post

Click on the little target icon at the bottom of your Facebook post editor, and you can target your post by gender, relationship status, educational status, whether they’re interested in men or women, age, location, or language. Once you click on one of these you can edit the default targeting.

When to Use Targeting for Facebook Posts

But why should you target your post to some of your fans instead of to everyone? Here are some cases where this is useful:

  • Only some of your fans match your target customer profile, and you want to target an offer to them. For example, you have a special offer on a Spanish book, or you only ship to customers in Canada and want to tell them about a change in shipping charges.
  • Some of your fans don’t match your target customer profile, and you want to know more about them. For example, you offer wedding planning services, but some of your fans are single, and you want to ask them why they follow you. (I hate that Facebook doesn’t have the “question” feature anymore, but you could still offer options such as “I like planning my dream wedding, I’m the maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding next month, my son/daughter/close relative is getting married, or I’m a vendor of wedding goods or services.”)
  • You have more than one target customer segment, and you want to have different messages for them. For example, your catering services are popular both with older people hosting wedding vow renewals or 50th anniversary parties, and with parents of young children for their kids’ birthday parties. You might want to have separate posts for both so as not to bore one segment with messages meant for the other.
  • The people you reach through your page, and people who engage with you, fit your target customer profile and you want them to like your page or engage with you further. You can target a message to those of your fans who do match your target profile, and hope they’ll have friends with similar interests who will see your page’s content. You could ask a question that gets them commenting on your post so that their friends see the story or you could directly ask them to share the page with their friends (as long as you only do it no more than once in a few months).

Remember, the more people engage with your content (commenting, liking, sharing, and so on), the more often will Facebook show your posts and stories to your fans and their friends. The more often people hide your posts, mark them as spam, or unlike your page, the fewer of your posts are going to get seen. This is why you should target posts that are only relevant to an easily-defined segment of your fans, instead of risking people getting annoyed or bored by your content and taking negative action on it.

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