Using Markitty: Facebook Likes and Unlikes (Daily and Monthly)

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One thing most marketers and business-owners want to know is how their marketing is doing over time. Most of us have a pretty good idea of how many Facebook likes we have today, but forget how many we had last month or the month before.

Here’s where Markitty takes your data from Facebook Insights and gives it to you in a more useful form: apart from showing you your total page likes every day for the last three weeks, we also show your likes per month for the last three months. So you can see your fan base growing over time.

Total Likes Graphs on Markitty

We do the same thing for the graphs showing new likes (paid and organic) and unlikes. You get a daily graph and a monthly graph so you can keep an eye both on what’s happened recently as well as the overall trend.

Facebook New Likes and Unlikes graphs on Markitty

The Monthly New Likes and Unlikes graph especially helped us when we tried out Facebook ads for a brief time. We got more likes (which were highlighted in green, for paid), but we also got more unlikes (probably since it got us likes from people who weren’t really interested in us). So we decided that advertising isn’t the way for us.

Keep an eye on these graphs, and they should help you with your Facebook marketing decisions as well!

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