6 Facebook Marketing Lessons from A Jewelry Retailer

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How do you get over 2,000 people talking about you on Facebook when you have less than 5,000 likes? Any brand with that kind of buzz is doing an amazing job of engaging with its fans… or is it?

We took a look at the Facebook Page of P N Gadgil & Sons. Right now, it has 4,955 likes, which is great for a local jewelry brand. What’s astounding, though, is the number of people talking about it: 2,160. That’s 44 percent. 

For those of you not in Pune, India, P N Gadgil is a jewelry brand with several stores in the city. (There’s also a P.N. Gadgil who style themselves PNG Jewelers and also have an active Facebook page.)

How is the brand getting this kind of engagement? Let’s find out!

Create Shareable Content

For Facebook, photos are typically more viewed, liked, and shared than text posts. So most of your Facebook posts should include photos.

Photo of earrings on jewelry retailer's Facebook page

For a jewelry brand, this is somewhat easy: take good pictures of your products and upload them with interesting captions and a little extra info (like the significance of a traditional piece of jewelry or a story about how you came up with the design, if it’s a more contemporary piece).

But less photogenic brands can follow this advice too. Marketers and business consultants can create infographics (though we at Better Marketing should follow our own advice). Movers and packers can share before-and-after pictures to emphasize their efficient packing or unpacking (with the customer’s permission, of course). Software businesses can share screenshots of their products and photos of happy customers. Actually, anyone can share photos of happy customers or employees.

Tie in with Current Events or Seasons

Or festivals or holidays or other seasonal occurrences. PN Gadgil did this with their Navratri campaign, with nine different pieces leading up to Dussehra (Navratri — the nine-day festival — was only eight days this year, right?). This was a brilliant campaign, enabling the brand to showcase their biggest, most eye-catching pieces but tying it all together with the theme of the campaign. They changed the cover photo to match the campaign.

Facebook cover photo of jewelry retailer updated for festival campaign

The morning after Dussehra, the cover photo was changed back. Remember to change all materials when your campaign ends.

Facebook page cover photo of jewelry retailer

The jewelers actually didn’t do the last part very well! Even today, I saw a sponsored story on Facebook — in other words, an advertisement — promoting this campaign that was over a few days ago. Yeah, they’re actually spending money to promote an outdated campaign.

Sponsored post by jewelry retailer

Post Regularly

For Navratri, there was one post a day,  most of them around 11 a.m. Fans know what to expect and when to check in for the new photo. The first of their photos got them over 200  likes and 40 shares – not bad at all.

Photo of jewelry for first post in Facebook campaign

What’s the lesson for the rest of us? Create a content publishing schedule, and post regularly.

Post Frequently

But don’t post once a month – no one’s going to praise you for being regular! Shoot for daily, or at least weekly.

Facebook campaign by jewelry brand with daily posts

 Engage with Fans

We can learn not only from what the brand did, but also from what they didn’t do. The brand did not reply to fans’ comments, not even when fans asked how they could buy a piece of jewelry.

In one case, it took several days of comments before the brand replied — and then to only one of the twelve comments and without specifying who the reply was for.

Comments on Facebook photo post by jewelry brand

The brand’s treating Facebook more like an old-school broadcast medium than the fast-moving, conversational social medium of Facebook.

Help Customers Buy

As I said above, the brand isn’t doing a good job of replying to customer’s inquiries about purchasing the products. On many of the product descriptions, they ask customers to “give us a call to know more.”

That’s just not good enough — I’m on Facebook right now. Why would you want me to go away and place a call? Why not create an app on Facebook that will let customers send an inquiry from within Facebook itself? Or at least prominently display an email address or a link to a web form?

Facebook comment asking for price of jewelry product on brand page

Make it easier for customers to buy or to learn more about your products. Don’t make them jump through hoops — some will give up and go elsewhere, and you’ll never know about it.

One reason why the brand is getting good results on Facebook is because it already has a great offline presence and strong brand recognition locally. But with some improvements in its Facebook marketing, we feel the brand could do much better.

Do you disagree? What’s your favorite retail brand on Facebook?

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