How Small Businesses Are Using Hashtags on Facebook

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I’m not sure whether I’m more excited or wary about Facebook hashtags, but I do think it’s a game-changer. I took a look at how small businesses are using hashtags on Facebook, and what we can learn from them.

Don’t: overuse them.

Facebook post with a bunch of similar hashtags: #smallbiz, #smallbusiness, #business

We’ve seen this on Twitter all this while, and now it’s on Facebook: overuse of the hashtag. Don’t use a bunch of synonyms in your hashtags — just use one or two hashtags that might be most relevant.

Do: integrate one or two into your post to categorize it.

Use hashtags in your Facebook posts to categorize products

Definitely don’t spam.

Don't spam with irrelevant or too many hashtags in the same post!

Use hashtags only if they’re really relevant to what you’re saying.

Do: use it for events.

Organizing an event? Do use the city as a hashtag!

Event hashtags have been immensely popular at Twitter, so much so that it feels weird now if there’s a business event without a well-publicized hashtag. I am sure this will take off on Facebook, too.

Do: use it to connect to a theme or a holiday.

Use a hashtag to connect your post to a meme, holiday, or theme

Connect to a bigger conversation, or start your own.

Do: use it to find customers.

So far, all the hashtags I’ve seen used by businesses have been meant for the business to get found. But the great power of hashtags is to use them to find customers.

For example, an independent wedding dress designer can monitor the hashtag #weddingdress and see if any brides are talking about their search for the perfect dress. Good way to jump in and offer ideas or suggestions — just don’t say something like “Buy from us! Buy from us now!”

Have you used hashtags yet? In what other ways have you seen hashtags being used?

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