How Small Businesses Are Using the #backtoschool Hashtag on Facebook

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It’s “back to school” season in the U.S. and some other parts of the world, and many businesses have special promotions during this time. Let’s see how small businesses are using the #backtoschool hashtag on Facebook.

This hashtag isn’t important for you? You should still know how to use similar seasonal hashtags for your Facebook page.

1: Offer a discount or deal

The most obvious way to cash in on a seasonal trend is to offer a special deal or promotion.

2: Point out your relevant products

Books and stationery stores, especially that stock products for children and teenagers, should be using the back-to-school hashtag right now. This bookseller is, but I wish they’d also bother to use a photo of some of the products they mention or even a link to the product category on their website.

3: Offer a tip your fans can use

A chiropractic clinic seems like a weird fit for a back-to-school promotion, but this clinic’s Facebook page uses the opportunity to offer a timely warning about heavy and ill-fitting backpacks.


The Name Label Company shares a seasonal tip… and also sneaks in a product photo. My only grouse? I wish they’d cropped out some of the white space in that photo.

4: Offer empathy

A digital books publisher points out that social life is stressful, even if you’re in kindergarten. No selling or promotion here, just an attempt at empathy and building an emotional connection.

5: Hijack the message (not too blatantly)

A brand offering resources for working women hijacks the hashtag to fit their message. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with addressing mothers’ concerns within messages about children (especially as many of those messages are directed at mothers). What’s ineffective here is that this is obviously a tweet that’s cross-posted on Facebook, and the call to action doesn’t work for this medium. That’s a waste of social media real estate that could have been avoided with a little tweak.


But only do this if it fits: if your message will work for your audience and this hashtag, even if it’s not completely on-point.What else? How else can you use a seasonal hashtag?

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