How to Embed Facebook Posts to Your Website or Blog

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Facebook just rolled out embedded posts to everyone, so now you can embed Facebook posts in your blog post or web page.

Why embed a post instead of posting a screenshot? Because all the links and other information in the post remain intact. Your website visitor can click on the links in the post to go to the post on Facebook or to your Facebook page.

Go to any Facebook post, or scroll down in your Timeline to find one. Click on the little arrow on the top right of your post. The last item on the dropdown menu should be “Embed Post”.

Click on the arrow on the top right of a Facebook post to get the Embed Post option

If it’s not your own post, you’ll see fewer items on the dropdown list, but you should still see the “Embed Post” option at the bottom.

Click on “Embed Post” to open a popup with the code you need. A text box within the popup will have some html code: copy this code.

Copy the code in the popup and paste it into your web page to embed the post.

Now paste this code onto your web page’s code. If you’re using WordPress, click on Text on the top right of the editor and paste it in the relevant section, like I did here.

That’s it! Wasn’t it easy?

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