Making Marketing Easier: the Markitty Dream

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Pomegranate spilling seedsOn a broad level, marketing is mostly common sense. You figure out who are the best people to buy what you’re selling, try to catch their attention, and persuade them to buy from you. It’s when you get to the details that it becomes tricky.

Okay, so I created a Twitter account. What should I do next? Should I post photos on Facebook or links to articles I like? Why aren’t visitors to my site buying?

There are thousands of marketing advice blogs out there. But even if you had the time to read all that, it still doesn’t tell you what to do: it tells you what worked for someone else. We thought, there has to be a better way to report marketing results. To interpret the stats you get on your online marketing account (or in case of Twitter, don’t get) and tell you exactly what you should be doing. And that’s how we thought of Markitty. We wanted:

  1. All important marketing stats in one place. No need to move around from Facebook Insights to Google Analytics at the end of the month to figure out how you did. Or to write down the number of followers you got this month, or the number of tweets you sent out, because Twitter’s not storing that for you.
  2. Action items derived from the stats. It’s not enough to know that you got 3 new likes last week: what does that mean? What are you supposed to do next?
  3. Easier, regular marketing. You have a ton of things to do — it’s hard to remember that you have to tweet and post on Facebook as well. You can try creating a calendar, but that’s yet another task. How about you log in to Markitty every morning and it tells you what to do?

That was the dream. Markitty would nudge small businesses towards better marketing. Here, Nilesh tells you how we set about building it.

Markitty is an online marketing tool for small businesses that puts together stats from Facebook, Twitter, and Google Analytics, and suggests actions based on what you are doing.

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