Why You Shouldn’t Use Social Media

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Does every business have to be on social media?

I’ve heard the arguments: it’s too risky, it’s not profitable or measurable… It’s not necessary for your industry. None of these is usually true.

Today, I tell you the real reasons why you shouldn’t be on social media.

You don’t want to listen

Contrary to what most people think, social media is primarily about listening. It enables you to listen to what your customers or even competitors are saying about you. It lets you view conversations about your industry or your competitors. It tells you what people are thinking.

If you’re not interested in any of that, sure, stay off social media. (And don’t talk to your customers, either.)

Just don’t start a page or an account and then ignore everyone who tries to talk to you.

You can’t shut up

You don’t want to bore or irritate your followers by posting a lot of irrelevant info, like what you had for each meal and how many degrees it is today or what your kid brought home from school. If you’re the kind of person who’d tell your neighbor long stories when you bump into her coming home from work and she’s trying to politely get away from you but you’re refusing to take the hint… do us all a favor and stay off social media.

You are not a very nice person

Social media’s good for being honest and responding in-the-moment, but if most of your thoughts are not nice and you can’t open your mouth without insulting other people… it might be far, far better for your business if you stayed off altogether. We might never hear of you, but that’s better than actively disliking you.

Cafe uses offensive obscenity to refer to social media analyst

You can’t edit yourself

Yeah, social media is about being honest and showing your true self, but really, that’s not true. (Yeah, I lied.) We don’t want to see your warts.

Think of it this way — we all have bad days. I think bad thoughts one day that make me feel ashamed the next. But if I go on Twitter and write out my insults and expletives for all the world to see… then you just know me as a foul-mouthed not-nice person. If you can’t be professional, just stay away.

You hate what you do

Your business social media accounts should be all about promoting who you are. If you don’t believe in your work or your business, why would anyone else? If you can’t show your love and enthusiasm for your work, don’t make your indifference more evident by showcasing it on social media.

You don’t want to help your customers

One of the biggest uses of social media is for customer service — your customers complain directly to you but in public, and you get to respond and show (not just that customer but everyone else as well) how you make things right. If your attitude to customer complaints is “haters gonna hate”, keep that attitude in your store and don’t bring it online where more people can see it.

You can’t aplogize

As I said, we all have bad days. But if you can’t take responsibility for your actions and attempt to fix things, you’re only going to put people’s backs up even more. So if you have trouble saying sorry offline, you probably won’t want to do it online in front of all the world either.

The thing about social media is it shows who you are to the world. It gives you a bigger platform. But it also ensures that your mistakes are out there for the world to see — and they’re never never going to get deleted. So don’t get up there if you aren’t sure that the world will actually like the real you.

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