Why Business-Owners Should Create Marketing Content

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Marketing is too important to be left to marketers.

Think about it: marketing is what gets you leads and sales. It’s what enables your business to succeed. Why wouldn’t you want to be in control of this process?

Let’s break this down. There are three reasons why you, the business-owner, should be creating marketing content.

  1. Knowledge
  2. Authenticity
  3. Responsiveness

You can hire someone to help you with marketing, but even if she is a brilliant writer, she doesn’t know your business the way you do.

You’re the one, as business-owner, who has spent the last so many years working in the industry and building up your business. You’re the one who knows your customers’ problems.

So you’re the one who needs to drive marketing strategy and content.

This is better marketing: it’s more authentic, since you’re communicating directly with your audience and telling them what you know.

Since you know the ins and outs of your business, you’re the best person to communicate to your audience and answer their questions.This means you can respond quickly, and if something needs fixing, you have the authority to make those decisions.

Picture a big company. A dozen people in the marketing team, a large customer service department, thousands of employees. If a customer has a problem, what’s the chance that it will be fixed quickly? What’s the likelihood that the process itself will be fixed so fewer problems occur in future?

But if Bob who comes in every week to buy from you has a problem, he can tell you. Or if he stops coming, you can call and ask what’s wrong. You can fix his problem for him. You can then write about how you fixed it on your blog, and explain why it won’t happen again, to him or to anyone else.

That’s the big advantage small businesses have in marketing. Why wouldn’t you want to use that advantage?

But you’re not a writer, you say? Don’t worry. Next week, I’ll tell you how you can create marketing content.


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