Spotlight: Congress’s Online Marketing Campaign for Gujarat Elections 2012

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Gujarat (which is where I grew up, by the way) will have its assembly elections next month. I am no longer a registered voter there, but out of curiosity, I clicked on a banner ad for one of the political parties.

I am not going to talk politics here, but let’s look at how well they’ve executed this marketing campaign. Below are my tweets and comments about this campaign by the Indian National Congress, which is currently the main opposition party in Gujarat.

I think they have got one thing right — consistency across channels. Each of the mediums has a similar theme, be it in pictures or in messaging. if you go a bit deeper, you see that the message doesn’t match the content and style. But higher focus on a visual medium like Facebook and graphic-heavy website suggests they are counting on people to see more and read less (or at least focus on on those who are more visual).

Overall, I think it’s a good attempt by a party, generally considered old and slow, to appeal to a younger audience.

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